Here at 4Eva Fitness we have helped many people get the body they desire, get their shapes back and even discover new bodies and shapes they did not know they could achieve!  However, don’t just take our word for it, here are some stories of people we have helped:

Liz Hutchinson undertook the 7lbs in 7days Detox

After trying to eat healthier for 2 weeks and upping my gym sessions, I undertook the 7lbs in 7days detox after which I lost a total of 7.5lbs.  My clothes were looser and I felt great – even before any measurements were taken!!  Celia’s motivation and customer service is second to none.

Tiffany Wacaser attended 4EvaFitness classes and undertook the 4 Week Nutrition PlanCheck out her blog for her thoughts on 4Eva Fitness’ system:


Ana Stubbs attended the Drop A Dress Size Club

The results speak for themselves:  Total weight loss 15lbs, 8 inches and dropped 2 dress sizes!!


Julie Donneky – Followed the DIY Package

Thank- you very much Celia Samater for providing me with a great programme which has changed me, my body and my outlook to exercise.  Not only has this kick started my weight loss and fitness regime, but it has motivated me at a tough time in my life, when I had little time or childcare to get me to classes.

I have lost inches of my body and a total weight loss of 12lb in 9 weeks.  An excellent programme which was so easy to achieve, easy to implement into my everyday life.  The results are amazing and its great that my body has adapted and became stronger.  The programme lets me feel energetic and my confidence/self-esteem has been restored.  I will continue the programme, great workout  and easy to follow.

Julie Donneky

Dawn Heskett – Attends 4Eva Fitness Boot Camps

I have been attending the boot camps twice a week for 11 months now and have not only lost over a stone and 8 inches but kept it off.  I used to have to workout at the Gym 5 times a week to see any results, but now I have discovered 4Eva Fitness, there is no turning back!  The sessions are hard work but enjoyable, I have loads more confidence and feel happier.  I also work night shift and notice I definately have more energy when I’m working.  I have met new people and pick up plenty of tips about exercise and health.  I can happily say I finally love my bum!

Dawn Heskett

Angela Martin – Attends 4Eva Fitness Boot Camps

I attend boot camp religiously every week and find that its hard work but really good fun!!  I have lost 15ibs, feel happier and more energetic.  I have tried a lot of exercise/fitness, from running, to the gym, aerobics – you name it Ive tried it, but nothing changes your shape or works like 4Eva Fitness Boot Camps!!  Every session is different so its never boring and after going for 17 months I still love it.

Angela Martin

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