1000 Calorie Class


4 Consecutive Sessions



Our 1000 Calorie Class is a Total Body Transformation Boot Camp.  Its a hard hitting 1000 calorie a session burner!! Using mainly bodyweight exercises in Interval training patterns we push your body to its own max.

This session can be adapted to all levels and results are astounding.  You can burn fat for up to 10 hours after this session…..

Strip away fat to develop lean toned bodies.

Location: Al Hamra Oasis Village Compound

Day & Time: Tuesdays 18:30 – 19:15

Cost: 60 SAR Pay as You Go


Pay online for 4 weeks at 50 SAR per class: Total 200 SAR (33 GBP)

(weeks must be used concurrently, no refunds available)


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