Total Fitness System to work your Mind, Body & Soul

At 4EvaFitness we have the means to change your life positively; supercharge your energy, help you create the body you want, de-clutter your mind and de-stress your soul.  We work with you to help you achieve your life goals for the total Mind, Body & Soul!!

Glowing health, boundless energy, super skin and hair, positive mental attitude – you can achieve all of this by joining our fitness and nutrition program and working with our expert holistic therapy team.

How do you take advantage of our fabulous system?

Simple – just take action!

Drop me an email to celia@4evafitness.co.uk  and get involved in the most life-transforming total body and mind fitness programme I have ever devised.

See you soon


CEO, 4EvaFitness


Most of us are juggling busy lifestyles, be it families, work or socialising and often don’t have time to exercise or eat healthy nutritious foods.

At 4Eva Fitness we believe by making small changes to your daily life and setting realistic fitness goals you can achieve your desired mind body and soul and keep the NEW YOU 4Eva!

4Eva Fitness has 4 principles:

  1. Achieve – Small steps that fit into your busy lifestyle to achieve your goal;
  2. Maintain – Keep the results you’ve worked hard to achieve;
  3. Challenge – Push yourself to keep improving your fitness levels;
  4. Enjoy – Your 1st steps onto the journey may be hard, but our team will make sure you have fun throughout.


  • Lose Weight
  • Tone Up
  • Change Your Shape
  • Sleep Better
  • Feel Happier
  • Have More Energy
  • Make New Fitness Friends
  • Increased Libido
  • Get physically & mentally Fit 4Eva!!
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