Check out my top tips to start to lose weight today.  These are all nutrition based and very simple changes to your current diet.  Within 2 days you will start to see changes – particularly on your stomach!  Let me know how you get on and check out my 4 week nutrition plan if you want to lose a dress size in the next 4 weeks!!  CLICK HERE!!

1) Eat breakfast within an hour of waking to kick start your metabolism;
2) Turn your body into a fat burning furnace by eating every 2.5-3 hours;
3) Cut out sugars & sweeteners (Fizzy Pop is a big NO NO);
4) Drink as much water as you can
5) Change white flour products to whole wheat – Bread & Pasta;
6) To lose stomach fat, stick to wheat based products at only 1 meal a day;
7) Treat days are essential – Just not every day and certainly not all day! Stick to healthy eating 6 days a week and       1 day for treats;
8) Do NOT eat cereal bars – I am yet to find 1 with less than 30% sugar…that includes those branded as ‘Healthy’
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