Welcome back to you all after your summer vacation and for those of you who have yet to take a vacation, then enjoy and safe travels ūüôā

As always at this time of year, most of us take a break from our normal routine and slacken up on the healthy eating and exercise.  You may be surprised to hear this but I allow my clients to do this and actually positively encourage them to do so.  Give your mind and body a change in routine, let yourself relax and eat some naughty, greasy and truly delicious foods.

Without going to deep into science….your body needs this type of break.¬† We have a¬†hormone called Leptin which is needed to help you lose weight, but constant healthy eating will lower your leptin levels to a stage where your weight loss will stop or plateau.¬† So, how do we shift this plateau and kick start our weight loss???? By increasing our Leptin levels….and how do we do this???? That;s correct, by eating¬†naughty, unhealthy foods.

You will therefore, find with all my nutrition coaching and plans, there is always, always, a treat day to help you continue to lose weight in a healthy and steady manner whilst still eating your favourite naughty foods.

For a completely guilt free chocolate meal….check out this chocolate smoothie recipe made using my favourite Forever Ultra Lite protein powder…..(if you don’t know where to buy this awesome deliciousness then check¬†my Facebook page 4EVAFitness

Slimmer September Challenge

I am so excited to announce our Slimmer September Challenge that is taking place here in Riyadh in September.  I have a focused team of clients who have accepted the gauntlet to train with me and undertake a Clean 9 (a 9 day cleanse available from my Forever Living shop..check it out..) I will be doing all measurements, body fat %, providing a FREE copy of my recipe book, giving discounts for September group training and of course doing the programme with everyone.  Check back here to see the awesome before and after pictures.

If you are wanting to join you need to sign up as the final date for joining the programme is Thursday 18th August.

SO, farewell for now and see you on the other side of our C9 ūüôā


Celia x

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