Pic 2015 I hope you have all had a fabulous vacation and if you are like me have probably eaten your own bodyweight in food and done very little in the way of exercise – unless walking to the fridge for a biscuit counts!!

Vacations are about relaxing and indulging in those foods and drinks you normally keep for treat days.  The problem with this is that post vacation we feel sluggish, lumpy and our clothes are stretched and tight.  Ever asked yourself if they have shrunk in the wash? Me too!!  Its easier to think that than accept you have simply put on weight.  Let me tell you a story…..

I was in the UK for 6 weeks – mixture of work and pleasure.  At the beginning of the 6 weeks I bought a beautiful dress to wear to a 50th Birthday Party I was attending 4 weeks later.  It fitted perfectly.  Dress bought so I packed it away and went on with my vacation knowing my outfit was sorted…..lets fast forward to 4 weeks later …….the night of the party I put my gorgeous dress on and distaster struck….the zip was just stuck right on my newly expanded waist.  Not only that but my whole body was bloated.  My husband forced the zip up (all the while worrying it was about to snap off).  The zip did fasten but all that excess weight and bloating was not a pretty site.  I resembled a lumpy rice pudding poured into a sausage skin.  What did I do????? Thats right I cried, and then cried some more when my 2nd backup ‘Fat Day’ outfit didnt fit either.  Does this sound familiar???

So the moral of the story is…..we all know to eat healthy and exercise right, but sometimes its just really nice to indulge, HOWEVER, too much excess has very negative consequences on our body and mental well being.

I’m now back in Saudi training 4-5 times a week, am following my own healthy eating plan and can fit back into the beautiful dress – which will now have to wait till my next vacation to Dubai in September.

Its never too late to change bad eating habits.  Check out my nutrition plans and get yourself booked in for some training –  I have some slots available in September.




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