Flab To F-Ab 7 Day Plan


Sick of those ‘Love Handles’ and ‘Muffin Tops’

Sick of feeling unhealthy, overweight, tired, under the weather etc …….

You want to eat tasty meals but still lose weight yet not feel hungry

Don’t have time to research what is ‘Good’ and what is ‘Bad’

Don’t have the knowledge or TIME to pull together a Meal Plan and set of Recipes

The list goes on and on…..DON’T WORRY I have the perfect solution.

This Flab to F-Ab 7 Day ‘Done For You’ plan will give you step by step instructions of what to eat and when (including recipes!) and what exercise to do to focus on burning fat from overall, but with specific focus on your abs and hips.  This plan really strips away fat and tones those troublesome areas. It also helps by removing sugar cravings so you no longer get that mid-afternoon tired slump.


  • 7 Day Meal Plan PLUS Recipes Worth 120 SAR (20GBP)
  • 3 Tabata Workouts
  • Armchair Sit Ups Workout
  • FREE Trim Your Trunk Workout
  • FREE Flat Stomach Superfood Factsheet
  • FREE Measurement Chart
  • All of this for ONLY 99 SAR (16.50 GBP)!!! 

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