Goodbye Chemo Cow – Hello Body Takeover

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For those of you not aware of my situation, for the past 7 months my family and I have been privately dealing with my Breast Cancer diagnosis.  We chose not to make this public as I am of the mindset that if you make a big deal of something, it becomes a big deal.  Ok, so I know Cancer is a real big deal, but I have viewed this as an illness that just needs treatment and so far, this approach is working.

Having temporarily left the Middle East to undergo treatment in UK, I have just completed my 8th chemotherapy session.  Now I won’t go into massive detail just yet about the chemo – that was a relatively unpleasant experience for me and for those around me – but I have got through it and am now 5 day post final chemo.

Someone once said to me that chemo changes you, now in some respects that is true – but only in as far as you allow it to change you.  I admit the week after my chemo I am a totally different person – I am confused, tired, irritable, unwell – basically I came to refer to myself as a ‘Chemo Cow’ as I was pretty nasty and unpleasant.  I would feel negative and depressed (mainly due to the steroids you take to help with sickness and side effects), and extremely irrational, sensitive and snappy.  Even I didn’t like being in my company!!  That said, after my week of self pity, I would be back to my normal positive self, becoming excited that I was another step closer to the end and being so so grateful for everything good in my life.

One of the things a lot of women struggle with during Chemo is the weight gain and the lack of control on your body.  You have all these poisons circulating and you have little or no energy.  The steroids can make you hungry and you feel sorry for yourself so you think you deserve that extra cake or biscuit.  Why not – I do have Cancer after all!!  Throw in some good old water retention (feet that look like pigs trotters!), and a lovely spotty complexion, then mix it up with losing your hair.  Overall you end up feeling hugely unattractive, bloated and un-feminine.  Now being a PT and a Nutritionist, I understand what you should and shouldn’t eat and to be honest, I was quite tough on myself.  For 2 out of 3 weeks, I trained as hard as my body would allow and I followed my own 7 day detox (within reason).  I did this to try and keep some level of control over my weight gain as I knew it would be tougher to lose it after chemo.  Not everyone puts on weight, however, I have heard horror stories of massive weight gain, so I was quite pleased that I only put on 7lbs.  BUT, it still needs to come off before I start my next stage of treatment.  Part of exercising and eating right is about my body and mind being in the best physical condition it can be to help me get through the trials of life.  It’s not about being skinny, but healthy and fit.  As an aside, part of why I think I have managed chemo so well is that I was fit and healthy beforehand so had a head start.

SO, today is DAY ONE of my Body Takeover – that is taking my body back over from the chemo.  Yesterday was a lovely day of indulgence, juicy burgers and ice cream, in preparation for today.  This is not just a detox or cleanse, I am determined to fight forever to maintain a healthy body and mind.  Although I have worked hard these past 7 months, my mental well-being has been compromised and it too needs a re-set.  I know that what I have stated here does not just apply to people going through Cancer treatments, but also other health conditions, general weight gain, stressful lives, and generally life as busy Working Mum’s.  We all need to be kind to ourselves and treat our bodies with respect to help us get through not only today, but tomorrow and the rest of our lives.

So, I hear you ask – what does DAY ONE entail???  Well, I have started my 9 day Cleanse from Forever Living.  Lots of Aloe Vera drinking gel, natural weight loss tablets, fibre and a protein shake.  It is a struggle as I love love love food, however, this part of the Cleanse is essential to clean your colon and re-set your gut ready for food on Day 3.  There are lots of juicy free foods you can eat if you get desperate (strawberries, oranges, apples, broccoli, cucumber etc.).


I did 10 minutes of yoga this morning before the school run to stretch out and de-stress.  I will also be training tonight (in the comfort of my own home), using Beachbody on Demand which is an awesome at home app where you can stream over 700 workout sessions, all filtered by time, fitness level, session type or trainer.  I get bored very easily so love the flexibility this gives and think tonight will be a 30 minute Mixed Martial Arts class (MMA), with some of my favourite Mauy Thai exercises thrown in.


I will keep you updated with my body takeover quest –  It is going to be tough at times, but definitely fun and most certainly worth the rewards.


Celia x

Tips To Lose Weight Today

Check out my top tips to start to lose weight today.  These are all nutrition based and very simple changes to your current diet.  Within 2 days you will start to see changes – particularly on your stomach!  Let me know how you get on and check out my 4 week nutrition plan if you want to lose a dress size in the next 4 weeks!!  CLICK HERE!!

1) Eat breakfast within an hour of waking to kick start your metabolism;
2) Turn your body into a fat burning furnace by eating every 2.5-3 hours;
3) Cut out sugars & sweeteners (Fizzy Pop is a big NO NO);
4) Drink as much water as you can
5) Change white flour products to whole wheat – Bread & Pasta;
6) To lose stomach fat, stick to wheat based products at only 1 meal a day;
7) Treat days are essential – Just not every day and certainly not all day! Stick to healthy eating 6 days a week and       1 day for treats;
8) Do NOT eat cereal bars – I am yet to find 1 with less than 30% sugar…that includes those branded as ‘Healthy’

It’s okay to overeat…sometimes!!

Welcome back to you all after your summer vacation and for those of you who have yet to take a vacation, then enjoy and safe travels 🙂

As always at this time of year, most of us take a break from our normal routine and slacken up on the healthy eating and exercise.  You may be surprised to hear this but I allow my clients to do this and actually positively encourage them to do so.  Give your mind and body a change in routine, let yourself relax and eat some naughty, greasy and truly delicious foods.

Without going to deep into science….your body needs this type of break.  We have a hormone called Leptin which is needed to help you lose weight, but constant healthy eating will lower your leptin levels to a stage where your weight loss will stop or plateau.  So, how do we shift this plateau and kick start our weight loss???? By increasing our Leptin levels….and how do we do this???? That;s correct, by eating naughty, unhealthy foods.

You will therefore, find with all my nutrition coaching and plans, there is always, always, a treat day to help you continue to lose weight in a healthy and steady manner whilst still eating your favourite naughty foods.

For a completely guilt free chocolate meal….check out this chocolate smoothie recipe made using my favourite Forever Ultra Lite protein powder…..(if you don’t know where to buy this awesome deliciousness then check my Facebook page 4EVAFitness

Slimmer September Challenge

I am so excited to announce our Slimmer September Challenge that is taking place here in Riyadh in September.  I have a focused team of clients who have accepted the gauntlet to train with me and undertake a Clean 9 (a 9 day cleanse available from my Forever Living shop..check it out..) I will be doing all measurements, body fat %, providing a FREE copy of my recipe book, giving discounts for September group training and of course doing the programme with everyone.  Check back here to see the awesome before and after pictures.

If you are wanting to join you need to sign up as the final date for joining the programme is Thursday 18th August.

SO, farewell for now and see you on the other side of our C9 🙂


Celia x

2016 is a Year to Love Yourself

We are 3 weeks into the New Year – how are your resolutions holding up?  I expect at least 50% of you have ‘fallen off the wagon’.  The reason for this is that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work, why? Because, when you make a sudden drastic change to your life it’s so much harder to sustain.  Take eating healthy for example:

After absolute indulgence over holiday periods, people cut out everything in a bid to lose weight: alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy, rice, etc. etc.  This is not realistic for long term weight loss.  The best method is to change your eating habits little by little so they become part of your daily routine.

Please don’t get me wrong…..I love doing a 7 day detox to flush toxins out of your body, lose holiday fat and kick start a healthier lifestyle.  This is great, as long as you don’t revert back to your normal way of eating, as the weight will pile back on.  The 7 day plans at 4Evafitness aim to educate you about what is ‘healthy’ and how to gradually introduce food back into your day to day life.  Check out our 7 day detox which is perfect for losing up to 7lbs in 7 days and its HALF PRICE until the end of January.

One resolution I want you all to take on board is LOVE YOURSELF for 2016.  We are all too hard on ourselves, we want to be thinner, prettier, happier, stop smoking, stop drinking, make more money, have more friends…the list goes on an on.  Accept who you are, take small steps to change, be positive, keep smiling, be thankful and happy.  Love the skin you are in now and then as your fitness journey continues, love the skin you are in then.

4EvaFitness Team


August 2015 – Welcome To A New You

Pic 2015 I hope you have all had a fabulous vacation and if you are like me have probably eaten your own bodyweight in food and done very little in the way of exercise – unless walking to the fridge for a biscuit counts!!

Vacations are about relaxing and indulging in those foods and drinks you normally keep for treat days.  The problem with this is that post vacation we feel sluggish, lumpy and our clothes are stretched and tight.  Ever asked yourself if they have shrunk in the wash? Me too!!  Its easier to think that than accept you have simply put on weight.  Let me tell you a story…..

I was in the UK for 6 weeks – mixture of work and pleasure.  At the beginning of the 6 weeks I bought a beautiful dress to wear to a 50th Birthday Party I was attending 4 weeks later.  It fitted perfectly.  Dress bought so I packed it away and went on with my vacation knowing my outfit was sorted…..lets fast forward to 4 weeks later …….the night of the party I put my gorgeous dress on and distaster struck….the zip was just stuck right on my newly expanded waist.  Not only that but my whole body was bloated.  My husband forced the zip up (all the while worrying it was about to snap off).  The zip did fasten but all that excess weight and bloating was not a pretty site.  I resembled a lumpy rice pudding poured into a sausage skin.  What did I do????? Thats right I cried, and then cried some more when my 2nd backup ‘Fat Day’ outfit didnt fit either.  Does this sound familiar???

So the moral of the story is…..we all know to eat healthy and exercise right, but sometimes its just really nice to indulge, HOWEVER, too much excess has very negative consequences on our body and mental well being.

I’m now back in Saudi training 4-5 times a week, am following my own healthy eating plan and can fit back into the beautiful dress – which will now have to wait till my next vacation to Dubai in September.

Its never too late to change bad eating habits.  Check out my nutrition plans and get yourself booked in for some training –  I have some slots available in September.


(966) 050362865


Times Are Changing

You may have noticed things have been pretty quiet on here lately. That is because we are making EXCITING changes to the Business.

We have been busy bees writing new Nutrition material to help you achieve that dream body and gain optimum health – from the inside out.

Please check back soon for more updates.


4 Eva Fitness Team


Tips To Lose Weight Today….

After a wonderful morning presenting to the Corona Worldwide Ladies at The British Embassy, Saudi Arabia, I have promised to let you all in on some top tips for starting to lose weight today.  These are all nutrition based and very simple changes to your current diet.  Within 2 days you will start to see changes – particularly on your stomach!  Let me know how you get on and check out my 4 week nutrition plan if you want to lose a dress size in the next 4 weeks!!  CLICK HERE!!

1) Eat breakfast within an hour of waking to kick start your metabolism;
2) Turn your body into a fat burning furnace by eating every 2.5-3 hours;
3) Cut out sugars & sweeteners (Fizzy Pop is a big NO NO);
4) Drink as much water as you can – remember Corona Ladies I know if you are cheating!
5) Change white flour products to whole wheat – Bread & Pasta;
6) To lose stomach fat, stick to wheat based products at only 1 meal a day;
7) Treat days are essential – Just not every day and certainly not all day! Stick to healthy eating 6 days a week and 1 day for treats.

Exciting Times



Its been a while since my last update so I thought I would let you all know what I have been up to:

1) I am currently writing a recipe book with loads of new nutritious and tasty recipes.

2) I have designed a new FROM FLAB TO F-AB plan which is a 2 week programme that targets your stomach area – I did it and have lost 4kg as well as a further 2 inches from my stomach.  I have 3 guinea pigs waiting to trial it so I can make sure it is the best ever stomach plan!!

3) I now teach so many 1:1 sessions I have a 3 month waiting list – not bad for only being in Saudi 9 months!

4) Finally, I have been planning my presentation for the Corona Worldwide ladies at the British Embassy on 19/05/13.  I am soooo excited and cannot wait to share my secret top tips (normally only reserved for 1:1 clients), for super fast weight loss.  I will be telling everyone how to get the most out of their fitness in the shortest amount of time plus how to get involved in my training programmes.


C x



I get asked this question almost daily.  Considering I am currently aching in what feels like every muscle through exercise I thought it would be a good time to answer this:

When you work your muscles hard, they tear slightly – this is normal and this is the pain you feel in your muscles the next day.  Your muscles don’t want to feel like that again so they re-build a bit stronger.  You then exercise again and tear them, your muscles then need to re-build even stronger.  Hence you burn fat and develop lean muscles.  HOWEVER, your muscles have a good memory and if you keep doing the same exercises over and over – you won’t get that afterburn as your muscles are resiliant to the exercise.


If you have reached this stage already then change that programme quickly!!  You need to work your muscles from different angles and with different resistances.  Try mixing your sessions up with cardio, weight training, interval training and body resistance exercises.  At every session you do push yourself harder – do 1 more move, up your weights, or run that little bit further.  Whatever it is – mix it up, push yourself and confuse those muscles to turn your body into a lean mean fat burning machine!!


Celia x

Do I Live off Lettuce & Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail

One of the questions I get asked most of all – believe it or not – is : “What do you eat?”

If I am being honest, before I was a Personal Trainer, I was always dying to ask a Fitness Professional the same question.  So here goes, this is yesterdays food diary for me:

Breakfast – 06:45

Homemade museli with almonds and dried fruit and skimmed milk

Green Tea / 2 glasses of water till snack time

Snack – 09:45

Peanut butter on 2 Rye Crackers (Yum Yum my favourite snack ever)

Skinny Latte / 1 glass water till lunch time

Lunch 12:00

2 whole egg 4 veg omelette with ginger and lemon

2 glasses fat flushing juice

Snack 14:00

Labneh with a nectarine

1 glass of fat flushing juice

Dinner 17:30

Chicken stir fry with basmati rice

1 glass of fat flushing juice /  1 glass water till snack

Snack 20:00

Homemade museli with nuts and dried fruit and skimmed milk

OK so I don’t think this is just salad – I am certainly never hungry and if I am, I have some fruit or a handful of nuts.  For my nutrition advocates you know I tell you to eat every 2.5-3 hours and my timescales are slightly off today.  Extenuating circumstances (my son tripping and splitting his chin!), meant my dinner was later than usual and I didn’t eat as much fruit as I normally would (5 portions a day!).  Also when I am teaching on a morning I sometimes have 3 sessions 1 after the other.  I always carry a bag of blanched almonds and some fruit so I can quickly snack between sessions if need be.

FAIL TO PLAN = PLAN TO FAIL!!  Always think of your day ahead and plan what your meals and snacks are and how they fit into your schedule.  Carry healthy snacks with you to make sure you don’t fall off the wagon and eat rubbish because you are absolutely starving!  Being hungry is the worst thing as it leads you to overeating the wrong stuff – it also gives you HANGER which is a combination of Hunger and Anger.  Not a good mix!


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